With utilities accounting for as much as 8% of revenue in many properties it is necessary that we start out with the appropriate environmental policies, procedures and culture. These initiatives will include:

  • Insulation
  • Window types and coverings
  • Water regulation particularly with showers and toilets
  • In room management systems (RMS)
  • Property Management systems (PMS)
  • Sensor activated lighting and lighting specifications
  • Air conditioning and heating regulators
  • Vehicle policy
  • Waste management


All systems must allow for incorporation of new technology and upgrading of installed systems. Areas that are tried and tested and can be incorporated are:

  • Guest recognition programmes
  • Remote smartphone bookings and check-in
  • Keyless room entry–fingerprint/smartphone/debit card
  • Loyalty recognition and rewarding
  • PMS and RMS
  • Smartphone/remote bill settlement
  • In room entertainment/connectivity


Risk management and compliance with relevant authorities needs to be part of the company and employee culture. This will protect the investors value, assets and ensure a safe, healthy environment for all employees and guests alike. These include:

  • Local authority regulations
  • Food safety Act
  • Fire Safety Act
  • Fixture & Furniture fire safety regulations
  • Licensing laws
  • Building regulations
  • Company policies
  • Employment laws
  • COSH regulations
  • Health and Safety Act
  • Consumer protection
  • Guest safety and terror prevention


Our CRM partners have over 20 years in central reservations system management. Many of the worlds leading hotel brands use their reservations system.

Customised specifically for First and Foremost ensuring seamless integration with all facilities, booking interphase andclient database of partner Hotels.

Ensures connectivity with the Global Distribution System (GDS) direct connections to and reservations via websites and internet distribution systems (IDS) and an independent internet booking engine (IBE) with web marketing and call centre’s. Our systems are linked to all major OTA’s and booking forums.

It integrates with all hotel systems including POS, door locking, room management (RMS) and building management systems (BMS).